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Paediatric ophthalmology

Paediatric ophthalmology

Our eyesight develops progressively, so that our visual acuity is acquired progressively throughout the maturity of the visual system.

The control of this development is essential because at a given time visual plasticity disappears and we can not gain more vision as from then.

The vision of a child must be fully developed when he/she reaches 8 years of age and the visual acuity must be of 100% in each eye. That is why it is important for children to be examined to detect prescription defects or possible visual diseases, even alterations of the binocular vision that do not allow for the vision to develop correctly and to correct them.

Ambyoplia, commonly known as "lazy eye", is a lack of this normal visual development that if detected in time and corrected, in most cases is treatable and avoidable.

Some of the causes of school failure or poor performance may be due to visual dysfunctions.

Certain pathologies such as congenital cataracts, significant refraction defects, retinal pathologies and even glaucoma and congenital tumours are detected if we perform a good ophthalmologic check-up when the child is slightly autonomous and capable of collaborating with the ophthalmologist.

The paediatric ophthalmologist team of Innova Ocular IOA Madrid advises to perform the first check-up on asymptomatic children at the age of 4 years, in the cases of poor school performance or at any time when the parents detect a possible visual alteration.

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It is important to examine children to detect prescription defects or possible visual diseases to correct and treat them as soon as possible. 

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