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What is the Contactology Unit?

The Clinical Contactology Unit of Innova Ocular IOA Madrid is managed by the optometrist Alicia Sánchez-Beato Muñoz who has a specialised team of optometrists with professional experience and training that guarantee the best result possible in the treatment and adaptation of your contact lenses.

We work with all type of lenses, disposable, soft, conventional, permeable to gas (semi rigid), and also for those cases that require a specific adaptation after the implant of infrastromal rings in patients with corneal irregularities such as keratoconus or post-lasik ectasia.

Furthermore, we treat myopia with orthokeratology, by checking it on children.

The adaptation of contact lenses is totally individualised for each patient, according to the large variety of materials, geometries, curvatures, etc. That is why you have to make an appointment with a contact lens specialist to study your case.

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