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What is the Visual Quality Unit?

The Visual Quality Unit of Innova Ocular IOA Madrid is managed by the optometrist Nuria Garzón Jiménez, and has the aim of treating all the alterations affecting patients' visual quality.

The measurement of the patient's vision is determined by the reading of the eye charts or letters that we show to patients for them to read, yet different alterations may cause for this to be done with poor quality, although the patient can see even the smallest letters.

At Innova Ocular IOA Madrid first of all we look to see where is the problem causing the poor visual quality, that can manifest itself as glares, seeing objects with a ridge or even with little contrast, to after seek for the solution to these problems.

Tests such as individualised corneal and internal aberrometry, the measure of parameters such as the scattering index, MTF, Strehl ratio and sensitivity to contrast, are necessary to evaluate both the quantity and quality of the patient's vision.

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