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In this section we present real testimonials of patients who underwent surgery at Innova Ocular IOA Madrid.

We outline that the testimonials shown are REAL and, NOT IN ANY case has the PATIENT'S ANSWER BEEN MODIFIED.

  • Mª José - Xanthelasmas (fatty deposits on the eyelids)

    Testimony of Mª José, a patient operated of xanthelasmas (fatty deposits on the eyelids)

    "I went to the Instituto de Oftalmología Avanzada because of the lumps I had on the lower area of my eyelids that turned out to be fatty deposits called Xanthelasma.

    I decided to have them removed by Dr. Romero, responsible for the oculoplasty department who warned me about the possibility of the scar being slightly noticeable.

    The operation was simple, with local anaesthesia. It is not pleasant, but can be tolerated well.

    The post-surgery was fast, without pain or bruises.

    I am happy and now I think it is something I could have done before"

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