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What are cataracts?

The eye has a natural lens which has the function of keeping the images focused in the retina to achieve a clear vision, Cataracts occur when the lens loses its transparency due mainly to a degenerative process related to age, although there are other causes, such as diabetes and other illnesses, the continued use of corticosteroids and other drugs, traumatisms, and even in some occasions they are present since birth (congenital cataracts).

When this lens turns opaque, it impedes to a greater or lesser extent the passage of light, which entails a worsening of vision and therefore, of the quality of life.




P We can suspect there are cataracts when the patient has blurred vision, loss of colour intensity (predominance of yellowish tones), glares, difficulty to adapt to changes in light, or suffers significant and unexpected changes in the prescription of his glasses or contact lenses.

The ophthalmologist can examine the lens directly in the consultation room with a microscope (slit lamp) and asses whether there are cataracts or not and if they justify the loss of vision or whether there are other pathologies, as well as the need for a personalised surgical treatment.

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When the eye's natural lens loses its transparency the patient has blurred vision, loss of colour intensity, glares or difficulty to adapt to changes in light. 

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