Droopy eyelids

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Droopy eyelids

When someone says they have upper droopy eyelids they are referring what is scientifically known as palpebral ptosis.

It usually manifests in a dysfunction of the elevator muscles and is usually due to congenital and/or degenerative reasons. The main cause for it to appear is aging, and there are different type of ptosis:

  • Aponeurotic Ptosis. It is the most common pathology and is caused mainly by aging of the tissue forming the eyelid, making the elevator muscle weaken and resulting the drooping of the eyelid.
  • Mechanical Ptosis. It usually appears when there is a cyst or tumour on the upper eyelid, causing what is commonly known as “mechanical drooping”.
  • Myogenic Ptosis. It appears when the upper eyelid elevator muscle does not perform its function properly causing for the eyelid not to be in its normal position.

The treatment for this pathology is by means of blepharoplasty.

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