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We can assert that the visual process is part of a set of systems and procedures that collect, group, analyse, accumulate and memorise the information; therefore, vision is essential to acquire education and culture and totally essential to carry out most daily tasks (reading, sewing, etc). As a result, one of the causes that provokes the highest level of impairment for human beings to develop and evolve is related to visual problems.

Eye pathologies that cause low vision can provoke a decrease of the sensibility to contrast or vision quality, it may interfere in recognising faces, decrease the perception of obstacles in mobility (such as stairs without colour contrast or low contrast), etc. By using special glasses, light filters, composed optical systems, lenses or telescopes, among others, a solution is sought to solve these problems for the patient to continue to read, going to the cinema or solving puzzles; in all, to lead a normal life. It is therefore important to clarify that low vision does not treat the pathologies that cause the deficient vision, but seeks to improve the vision that has decreased and increase the patient's remaining vision by means of optical or non-optical aids that enable performing many daily life tasks and provide greater autonomy.

In addition to the optical aids, as already mentioned above, low vision also uses no-optical aids, such as speaker systems that can read the information that appears on the screen of our mobile phone or telescopes that help us follow the lines of text that we read or write, among many others.

The patients who can benefit from the services of the Low Vision Department are:

  • Patients with low vision, either in far-away vision on close-up vision.
  • Patients who with good vision complain about reflections, glares or constant discomfort.
  • Patient who want a greater visual acuity to carry out specific tasks (see electronic circuits, hobbies such as philately.
  • Patients with reduced field of vision.

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Eye pathologies that cause low vision can cause decrease of the sensibility to contrast and quality of the vision, interfere in face recognition or decrease the perception of obstacles in mobility.

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