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What is presbyopia?


Presbyopia, also known as tired eyes, is a vision problem or a common eye condition that usually appears at the age of 40-45 and makes it difficult to focus close-up objects (book, mobile phone, etc,).


People normally start to notice this eye defect they have to place the reading material at a greater distance to be able to read it.


In normal conditions, eyes changes their points of focus by means of a process named accommodation. This accommodation or focusing effort is carried out by the lens (the eye's natural lens) changing its shape and position to be able to focus at several distances.


If the eye is compared to a camera, the lens would be the camera's zoom. What happens in the eye is that, over the years, that "zoom" slowly loses its capacity to focus, and makes it difficult to see close-up.. 



What symptoms does it produce?

The symptoms of presbyopia are usually:

Blurred vision, the loss of colour intensity, the need to use powerful light to read, less capacity to focus on close-up objects, tired eyes and headache, among others. 

It is now possible to operate prebyopia with laser (presbylasik) or multifocal intraocular lenses.

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Presbyopia or tired eyes usually appears at the age of 40-45 and makes it difficult to focus on close-up objects. 

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