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Consult our audiovisual archive. There you will be able to see the videos explaining the latest techniques and treatments, doubts about the most frequent pathologies, as well as testimonials from our patients and doctors.

Likewise, you will get to know the courses and participations of the professionals if Innova Ocular in national and international forums, as well as in the currently most relevant ophthalmology congresses.

  • El glaucoma explicado por el Dr. Fernández de IOA Madrid

  • Descubrimos el papel "múltiple" de la enfermera en Oftalmología

  • Dr. Poyales en Cope radio Zaragoza

  • IOA Dra. Poyales en las mañanas de tve

  • Innova Ocular IOA Madrid. OTRAS PATOLOGÍAS

  • Innova Ocular IOA Madrid. CATARATAS

  • Innova Ocular IOA Madrid. CIRUGÍA REFRACTIVA.

  • IOA MADRID, en Saber Vivir. Lámpara de Endidura. 08-03-2016

  • Dr Poyales explains what PRK consists of

  • Dr Poyales explains what FemtoLasik consists in

  • What does an optometrist think of ICL lenses?

  • Dr Poyales explains what surgery with ICL consists of

  • Dr. Blanca Poyales explains what is keratonus and cornea transplants

  • Dr Poyales explains cataracts surgery and the latest developments

  • Dr Poyales explains what is Relex Smile

  • Dr. Pérez Izquierdo explains the advantages and inconveniences of Relex Smile

  • Dr Bueno explains some retina problems such as AMD and detachments.

  • Dr Ortíz de Zárate explains the novelties on Dry Eye

  • Dr Fernández explains what is Glaucoma and its treatments

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