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Innova Ocular Project

Innova Ocular IOA Madrid, until recently named Instituto de Oftalmología Avanzada, belongs since its foundation to Innova Ocular group, currently holding the presidency and has recently undertaken a growth phase due to national integration and expansion.

As a result of the start of this new stage, the group's partner centres have started an process of adaptation and improvement of their visual identity and corporate image, hence the new name of Innova Ocular IOA Madrid.

Therefore, IOA Madrid gets involved in the Innova Ocular project with this change of name to continue growing alongside the group, consolidating as an ophthalmology clinic of reference in Madrid, with the same of better quality standards and results than those offered until now, yet backed by a single brand with a more sound and powerful corporate projection and structure.

IOA Madrid will develop and continue to provide its customers a premium ophthalmology care service, uniting experience, avant-garde technology, integral and personalised service and close care to cover for its patient's expectations and requirements with the highest quality and safety standards and guarantees.

Innova Ocular

Innova Ocular is the most prestigious and traditional national network of Ocular Micro-surgery clinics in Spain. A medical institution made up by three generations of ophthalmologists and specialised in the diagnose, treatment and follow-up of any eye pathology, offering an integral ophthalmology service to provide the best medical solution in each case for vision problems and pathologies.

Created in the year 2000, Innova Ocular provides the highest security standards, backed by the experience and the knowledge of more than 65 ophthalmologists and the availability of leading edge treatments and diagnostic techniques and surgery for the visual quality of its patients.

Innova Ocular currently has 15 clinics located in the main cities in Spain, mainly in urban areas, in which it provides personalised ophthalmologic service, individualised care and treatment for every person, where proximity and closeness are part of the group's philosophy. Likewise, the highest level of safety possible, experience, quality and technology back all our treatments.

The national network of Innova Ocular clinics is made up of the following centres: Innova Ocular Begitek (Beasáin and San Sebastián), Innova Ocular Clínica Ferreruela (Lleida), Innova Ocular Clínica Muiños (Tenerife North, Tenerife South and La Palma), Innova Ocular Clínica Vila (Valencia), Innova Ocular Dr. Soler (Elche), Innova Ocular ICO Barcelona (Barcelona), Innova Ocular IOA Madrid (Madrid), Innova Ocular La Arruzafa (Córdoba), Innova Ocular Oculsur (Cádiz, Jerez and Chiclana) and Innova Ocular Virgen de Luján (Seville).

In 2013 Innova Ocular conducted 50,000 procedures and operations and more than 145,000 consultations in 2014, and it estimates registering a regular and orderly growth of around 15% in 2015 motivated by the current integration and expansion stage in which it is immersed, that will include the upcoming incorporation of the new clinics to the network.

An integral and specialised service

The professionals at Innova Ocular are specialists in refractive surgery, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, presbyopia or tired eyes and cataracts. Likewise, the group has specialised units for retina treatments, glaucoma, cornea, oculoplasty, neuro-ophthalmology and child Ophthalmology.

Moreover, Innova Occular offers an integral Ophthalmologic service, treating any pathology, problem or visual defect and providing the most appropriate solution for each case.

The treatments of this national network of Ocular Micro-surgery clinics are based on leading edge technology and provides the most advanced lasers in the market.

All of this makes Innova Ocular a medical company offering the highest levels of service quality.

Corporate Policy. Mission, vision and values

Commitment, progress and constant improvement are the current strategic pillars of Innova Occular and its employees.

  • The vision of Innova Ocular is to offer medical solutions and treatments to pathologies and problems affecting the eyesight, collaborating in improving the health of people for the benefit and development of the society.

  • The mission of Innova Ocular is to be the benchmark company in the private health sector supported by its values: Knowledge and research; trust and closeness with patients; ethics and responsibility; credibility and patient service; efficiency through medical approaches and the most strict quality controls.

  • The values that identify Innova Ocular are respect for people, their health care, closeness, trust, patient service, excellence and a vast programme of corporate social responsibility and efficiency.


Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition, Innova Ocular maintains active corporate social responsibility (CSR) procedures and policies including the respect for health, the environment, sustainability and the individual.

In this regard, the group proceeds from the manual of good practices in accordance with the ethics and deontological code which governs the norms and values of its professional activity.

At the same time, it preserves the privacy and confidentiality of its patients according to the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD), constantly assessing its degree of compliance.

Within its objective to improve the ocular health and quality of life of the society, Innova Ocular focuses its efforts on the patient, his needs and expectations, and is the centre of its strategy that it implements under the most strict ethical parameters and or respect to the environment. Therefore, the employees of this national network of clinics are the motor of this strategy and the most valuable asset of Innova Ocular.

Likewise, through its foundations - Fundación La Arruzafa, Fundación Ferreruela Sanfeliu and Fundación Dr. Soler-, Innova Ocular actively collaborates with the most disadvantages segments of the society and without resources.

With a wise and active medical-healthcare programme, and promoting research, the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the promotion of ophthalmologic health, regardless of the economic, social or geographic determining factors, the foundations that form part of Innova Ocular provide treatments and solutions to pathologies that improve the life of citizens in the world.


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