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I underwent an operation with the Smile technique because of the problems I had

My name is Alba López-Leitón Veiga and approximately four months ago and I underwent refractive surgery using the SMILE technique to correct 4 diopters of myopia and 2 diopters of astigmatism.

- Why did you decide to undergo surgery?

I had been wanting to undergo the operation for a long time, especially because of the discomfort caused by the contact lenses, although I was postponing it, but approximately one year before the operation my eye problems and discomforts increased.

I started with a punctual corneal keratitis, yet despite the multiple treatments I had, it was very recurrent, and I spend almost a whole year trying to get rid of it.

Contact lenses did not contribute to its healing and wearing glasses on the long term was not a viable option for me because of the level of comfort, and why not say it, also because of aesthetics.

The treatment of my keratitis began at the IOA. I was delighted with the treatment right from the beginning, the closeness, dedication and involvement they had with me and my situation. After several attempts and relapses, they suggested the option of having an operation, especially because contact lenses where not good for my type of eye (very Galician and accustomed to humidity) which was currently in a dry and alien climate, hence my problems.

- And why did you decide to come to IOA?

On the one hand, because I had first hand information that it was one of the centres with the most specialisation and expertise in these type of surgeries, and on the other hand, because after the treatment I received, I was not willing to change Clinic under any circumstance. And for major issues, I trusted my Doctor very much.

- Was the type of operation you had, what you thought it would be? Were particular criteria followed in your case to choose this option?

Yes, for my type of eye, with continuous problems of corneal keratitis, the most recommended surgery was Smile, as on the long-term it causes less problems of dry eyes compared to the Lasik technique.

- What has been the best and the worst of the operation?

he worst part of the operation were the hours after, the discomfort during the first hours were more than what I expected and that surprised me. The operation was a success, the indications by all the staff of what they were doing at all times and what I had to do, really put me at ease. The best, the outcome, undoubtedly.

How long has it taken you to recover?

    Lo mejor, los resultados sin duda.

- ¿Cuánto tiempo has tardado en recuperarte?

In 10 days my vision was perfect and even before, but I am not really sure to say an exact number.

- And to lead a normal life?

The following day I could already carry out all the daily life activities without any troubles.

- Can you do things now that you couldn't before?

Yes, something very important.SEE..Get out of bed and see, have a shower and see, people who have experienced the same are the only ones capable of understanding this, but really, I can't ask for anything more.

- Has your life changed in anyway?

I don't depend on any external elements to carry out my day-to-day life.

I don't have discomfort in my eyes.

And also, on the long-run, I have saved a lot of money.

- Would you undergo this operation again?/b>

Undoubtedly, and with the same Doctor.

-What would you highlight of the functioning of IOA?

For me they are unique and unrepeatable

As well as being incredibly professional, they are fantastic people, it is true that I had a continuous treatment because of my eye problems, but they really made me feel like "at home".

- What do you think we could improve?

I just think they should stay as they are, maintaining that standard is not at all easy.

- Would you recommend a fried or acquaintance to undergo an operation at IOA?

Undoubtedly, that is what I'm doing.

My kindest regards to all the team.

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