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Presbyopia surgery

My name is Pilar and I am the Patient Care manager at Instituto de Oftalmología Avanzada. Day after day I explain to patients the steps to follow when undergoing an operation at our centre, I solve the doubts regarding the consultations, ...yet a few months ago it was my turn to sit at the other side of the table: In the patients' chair.

I was hypermetropic, with some astigmatism, added to presbyopia so I was tired of putting on and taking off my glasses and leaving them everywhere, so I decided to have an operation on my crystalline and I chose the trifocal intraocular lenses option.

I was operated by Dr. Poyales. The surgery was not painful, not even molest at some times. After the operation I could already see the small letters on the television, and the fact of this happening so fast surprised me greatly.

 My eyes have always been very dry, that's why I couldn't tolerate contact lenses, and after the operation, especially the first few days, it grew more acute, so I had to use artificial tears very often. I was operated on a Wednesday and on Monday I went back to work and I had some punctual plugs put in, which improved it significantly.

That day my eyes were tested and although I had the feeling I could see very well on my day-to-day, I was not capable of reading the smallest letters probably because of the keratitis due to the dryness. Everything has been better ever since.

Several months have passed since then and I don't have any problem to see far away, use computers, read, etc.

Everything went back to the usual routine right away and I sat at my side of the table again :)

And yes, I would undergo the operation again. Undoubtedly.


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