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Presbyopia are corrected surgically.

The two currently most used techniques due to their high degree of success in the results are:

Multifocal intraocular lenses

The surgery consists in removing the natural lens of the patient's eye and replace it for an artificial lens that will perform the "focusing" functions.

Multifocal intraocular lens

It is a surgery similar to cataracts, in which the eye's lens is removed because it has lost transparency over the years and does not allow the passage of light. The removal of this natural lens can be performed with cataracts, although it can also be done when it is completely transparent. Either with cataracts, or without them, after removing the natural lens an artificial lens is placed, and this is how the type of lens implanted will enable seeing at only one distance (monofocal lens) or at two distances (byfocal lens, for far and close-up, or far and intermediate) or at three distances (trifocal lens for far, close-up and intermediate vision).

The lens is removed with minimum incisions that do not require stitches given their small size. Currently, these incisions, the opening of the natural lens and the initial fragmentation can be performed in a conventional manner or with femtosecond laser, for a greater precision.

All the intervention is performed under topical anaesthetic (drops) and is totally painless.

This technology enables the out-patient treatment and a fast recovery and reincorporation to the daily activities.

At Miranza IOA Madrid we will inform you of the different options and the most suitable for your characteristics, both personal and ophthalmologic, placing at your disposal the latest technology in intraocular lenses, trifocal lenses, with the greatest experience in Europe, or the use of femtolaser for cataract surgery, that enables performing several steps of the operation with outstanding precision, and the Cataract Suite Marker Lens system, that enables placing intraocular lenses with extreme accuracy in the appropriate axis and its precise centre. This is highly important especially for toric or multifocal lenses that we name premium.

Presbyond, Presbilasik or "Blended" vision technique

This technique is similar to the monovision technique. It includes a treatment with lasik, similar to that done to operate myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, so that one eye is focused for far vision and the other for close-up vision; although, the eye focused for close-up would still maintain an acceptable far vision.

To achieve this scission, the cornea is cut conferring it a special curvature that allows it to focus near. The technique consists in, as in lasik, creating a flap on the cornea, lifting it to cut the corneal stroma with an excimer laser and then replacing the flap or layer. The same process corrects myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism and presbyopia is corrected also. As it is performed on the cornea, this has to be in perfect conditions, for it to regular and have enough thickness to enable the cutting; that is why a thorough previous study is required.

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