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The ReLEx® Smile concept is as follows: The high precision VisuMax® femtosecond laser creates a small lens (lenticule) inside the intact cornea, the volume and shape of which depends on the visual defect to be corrected. The lenticle is removed accessing the interior of the cornea with a minimally invasive procedure, through a small incision of only a few millimetres. Unlike other older techniques, it is not necessary to remove a corneal flap; there is no cutting of this flap, the incision is minimum and the most external corneal layers remain intact.

In the past years, the minimally invasive treatment and diagnostic methods have set new standards for modern Medicine. This is because minimally invasive usually means a minimum discomfort for the patient. Carl Zeiss, with ReLEx® Smile, has developed a new technique for the minimally invasive correction of the visual defects. This treatment technique offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Treatment without flap.
  • It is not necessary to lift any layer of the cornea.
  • The preparation of the lenticle is performed on the intact cornea.
  • Minimally invasive access, of only a few millimetres (80 % less than with Lasik Femto-Lasik).
  • The external protective layer (epithelium) is preserved almost completely and it is the layer that provides stability to the cornea (Bowman membrane).
  • The corneal nerves responsible for producing tears remain almost completely intact.
  • There is hardly any pain during and after the procedure.

The entire procedure is performed with the femtosecond laser (all femto):

  • Use of femtosecond laser high-precision technology.
  • Very high predictability of the results even in cases of high myopia (> -7.00 D, more than 7 dioptres).
  • The anatomical design of the contact lens prevents the compression of the cornea. The patient sees throughout the entire treatment.
  • It is a nose and pain-free treatment.
  • The visual acuity stabilises within the first weeks.

  Treatment in one single step:

  • The complete correction with laser is performed in one single step.
  • The patient does not have to be moved in the middle of the operation.
  • It is a very fast procedure.

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This minimal invasive technique does not require cutting, it is fast and painless, it uses femtosecond laser and has a very high predictability even in case of high myopia.

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