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Testimonials from our patients

In this section we present real testimonials of patients who underwent surgery at Miranza IOA Madrid.

We outline that the testimonials shown are REAL and, NOT IN ANY case has the PATIENT'S ANSWER BEEN MODIFIED.

  • Mi experiencia con la terapia visual

    Due to other circumstances a started to have double vision, the sun blinded me, I could not look at the computer for mote than 5 minutes and many more things that made my day to day fairly complicated.

    After a thorough examination at the clinic, a was sent to Visual Therapy to see the optometrist Esther Lopez to correct all these problems. I am not going to lie to you, when they mention Visual Therapy you immediately think of kids and if you are already and adult like I am, then you think "it won't work".

    When I started the session, the first impression was very good, Esther explained to me what they would do in the sessions and she was very friendly at all times. Then we started the first two exercises which were the Brock String, a convergence card and a set of anaglyphs.

    After the first session, she explained that it was essential to practice these exercises at home every day.

    And that is how from then onwards I spent one hour a day practicing these exercises. Here I would recommend you choose an hour in which you know for sure that you going to do them and although it is a bit hard at the beginning as the first days are the most difficult because you can't do the exercises as you expected and you despair, then thing change completely. I promise.

    After 1 week, I went back to the session with Esther and she gave me more exercises. I here I would like to point out that right from day one and until the last second of your last session of the treatment, she is devoted to you, she writes everything down and if an exercise is hard for you, she always encourages you. It may seem silly read like this, yet in many occasion and as I have already mentioned, I also feel exasperated when I couldn't do one of the exercises properly and she was there encouraging and supporting me all the time.

    And again, a week of exercises at home and then back to the session on the day of the appointment. In my case, I did a total of 10 sessions, in which every day Esther gave me more exercises that I slowly began to overcome and master.

    If at the beginning you think this is not going to work because you are already grown up and you think your vision can not improve anymore, then you are wrong. With your work at home and the help from the doctor at all times, you improve every day and do the exercise better and therefore start to feel how your sigh problems start to disappear.

    In my case, I did all the exercises at home and went to all the sessions. You have to take it seriously because your eyesight is very important.

    So if you are a child or an adult and are reading these, I hope that my testimony helps you to see that this worked for me and it will help you as well with the help, kindness and care from Esther Lopez. I am sure.

    A warm hug to Esther and many thanks for helping me.


  • Marta García Fernández - Anillos intraestomales + lente fáquica ICL

    I have known the Instituto de Oftalmología Avanzada for ten years now and I owe them the fact of being able to continue with my studies and I can vouch they quality, both from a professional and human perspective.

    I started to loose vision in a relatively short period of time and with my prescription glasses I couldn't see clear images. I went to the Instituto de Oftalmología Avanzada and I was diagnosed a keratoconus in both eyes.

    There, I was told that with my problem the vision I would have with glasses would be – and was being- poor and that for the time being the best solution was to year contact lenses, although it could be that after a while me eye wouldn't tolerate them any more.

    This happened six years later. My left eye stopped tolerating the contact lens and I had to undergo an operation that consisted in placing intracorneal rings. The operation conducted by Dr. Poyales was a success. When the cornea was stabilised two years later, he placed the intraocular lens. I used to see 30% with me lift eye and now I can see 95%. For the time being, I can still year the contact lens in my right eye and my vision is of almost 95%.

    In addition to these problems, throughout these years I had a slight retina detachment that they manage to detect in time, as well as a vitreous detachment early for my age.

    As I already mentioned, the fact of being able to continue studying and achieve doctoral studies has been thanks to the technical and professional skills of the team working at Instituto de Oftalmología Avanzada. That is why, from here, I would like to thank their task, their interest in me as a person and their always kind and humane treatment. 

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