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Testimonials from our patients

In this section we present real testimonials of patients who underwent surgery at Miranza IOA Madrid.

We outline that the testimonials shown are REAL and, NOT IN ANY case has the PATIENT'S ANSWER BEEN MODIFIED.

  • Vicente Aranda - Paciente intervenido de cataratas

    Vicente Aranda, the well-known Spanish film director, who has directed films such as Libertarias, Carmen and Juana la Loca, is who on this occasion gives us his testimony after having been operated of cataracts by Dr. Francisco Poyales. 

    We would like to thank him for his words and attention to all the team of Miranza IOA Madrid. 


    As I have a highly specialised profession, I am very aware of how difficult it is to trust those, who also have a highly professionalised profession have to manipulate your body, or a part of it.

    Affected by cataracts, I had the intention of visiting different specialist to see the degree of trust I would have in them. Luckily, it was not necessary. Right from the beginning, the procedures adopted by Dr. Poyales aroused a level of trust that exceeded my demand by far.

    With highly technical and state-of-the-art equipment, I was subject to thorough examinations, as a precaution.

    After the operation, carried out in an operating room where all the precautions had been taken, I had full access to Dr. Poyales in person, who I could ask all sorts of questions. For me, this relation with the person who knows precisely what I don't know anything about and that can calm down my yearn for trust, is essential.

    That's all. My most sincere words of thanks to Dr. Poyales and all his team.

    My warmest greetings,

    Vicente Aranda

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