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Testimonials from our patients

In this section we present real testimonials of patients who underwent surgery at Miranza IOA Madrid.

We outline that the testimonials shown are REAL and, NOT IN ANY case has the PATIENT'S ANSWER BEEN MODIFIED.

  • Trasplante de córnea

    My name is Antonio and in 1982 I had an infection in my right eye that caused a corneal ulcer and then an irrecoverable scar. The only solution was to perform a corneal transplantation, which on that occasion I decided not to do.

    In 2009 I started treatment at IOA. After having a cataracts operation in both eyes on 30/03/2009, with a very satisfactory result, assessed by the by the centre regarding the type of implant currently used for these cases, in which one corneal layer is replaced and encouraged by the results and efficiency of the centre, I decided to undergo the operation.

    I was operated on 20/06/2012. Given the simplicity of the operation, that is carried out with local anaesthetic, I did not require hospitalization. The post-surgery was simple and included an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment. I only needed a temporary unfitness to work from the 20/06 to the 06/07/2012.

    The stitches on the cornea were removed on 09/07/2014, in a small operations, also with local anaesthetic.


  • Queratocono con anillos y trasplante

    I suffer from keratoconus and I have been operated on both corneas. On one I have intracorneal rings and on the other I have had a transplantation.

    During the surgery and post-surgery I have always felt in good hands and at rest. I have had the feeling of being well cared for at all times by a team of professionals who convey trust. The recovery of both eyes has not entailed any type of problem and the team of the Instituto de Oftalmología Avanzada have answered my questions at all times. I would not hesitate to have my eyes operated by them. 

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