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Testimonials from our patients

In this section we present real testimonials of patients who underwent surgery at Miranza IOA Madrid.

We outline that the testimonials shown are REAL and, NOT IN ANY case has the PATIENT'S ANSWER BEEN MODIFIED.

  • Yo me operé con ICL

    I had been wearing glasses for 21 years and contact lenses for 18 years. Since then I have been asking Dr. Poyales and Dr. Ortiz de Zárate if they could operate on me. "Wait for another years to see if you stabilise" was what they replied at each check-up, until on the last check-up when they said I could have the operation whenever I wanted. I didn't hesitate and I had the operation within 15 days.

    On the day I had the first eye operated on, Dr. Poyales explained to me exactly what he was going to do during the operation and what I would feel, which helped to relive my nerves.

    From the moment I arrived to the day a left the clinic all the staff treated me wonderfully. I was slightly uncomfortable for the light, although I did not need to put on my glasses. The following day I was operated on my other eye and everything was even better. The experience of the first day made me go on the second day without being nervous, as I knew how what was going happen. I though it would take me a couple of months to see properly, yet a few days later I could see better than before when I was wearing my contact lenses.

    An experience that I would recommend to everyone.


  • Paciente operada de LASIK

    1. What's the best thing of the operation?

    The best thing of the operation is the team of specialist that are at all times taking care of your safety, and explain what they are doing throughout the operation.

    2. What's the worst thing of the operation?

    The worst thing of the operation is the post-surgery as it slightly uncomfortable although thanks to the indications by the doctor everything flows safely.

     3. What would you highlight about the Clinic?

    The best thing of the clinic is the professionalism of the staff, the good treatment received by them.

    4. What has surprised you the most of your experience at the clinic?

    How fast the surgical operation was in both eyes.

     5. Would you recommend our clinic?

    Clinic highly recommended for ophthalmology.

     6. Summarise your experience in one sentence.

    Recommendable experience.


  • Alfonso Rubio - LASIK: Paciente intervenido cirugía refractiva

    Interview to Alfonso Rubio, patient who underwent LASIK surgery at Miranza IOA Madrid.

    - Hello Alfonso, What operation did you have?

    Refractive surgery to correct my myopia and a slight astigmatism.

    - Why did you decide to undergo surgery?

    For convenience. After more than 20 years wearing glasses I wanted to experience having a good eyesight. Also because I practice sport often and wearing contact lenses if very uncomfortable. It is impossible with glasses because there are dead angles and you are in disadvantage. And after analysed the solutions available in the market I reached the conclusion that the technology was now mature. The fact that I am 36 years old has also influenced because this operation makes sense as long as I can take advantage of its results for a reasonable period of time.

    - And why did you decide to come to IOA?

    It is a whole host of facts. First I got information on the state of the art of these techniques, seeing which were the most advanced methods and even seeing success statistics and problems derived from it. I gathered this information on the website and taking tests in several clinics. During these tests I saw some clinics with less advanced methods, others that were focused on attracting new clients rather than treating patients. In the end IOA was the one that carried out the tests with most rigour, you detected my possible retinal detachment problem, you offered me the most advanced techniques (100% laser) and gave me the confidence I needed with the different professionals with who I dealt with in the centre. If you add to this a reasonable budget, you have all the ingredients. I would also like to mention that you were very good answering all my technical enquiries by email before meeting in person.

    - Was the type of operation you had what you thought it would be? Where particular criteria followed in your case to choose this option?

    As my operation was very common, I had a fair idea of what I needed. My surprise what to find out that before I needed to undergo a photocoagulation to prevent retina detachment problems. I spoke to my mother that week (who is a Doctor) who mentioned she had suffered several retina detachments, so I accepted your advice and solved this problem first.

    - What has been the best and the worst of the operation?

    The best thing of the operation is the results and the treatment received, especially when reassuring me and explaining step-by-step what was going to be done and how.

    The worst is that the operation is uncomfortable, especially because your eye is manipulated live and you have to be relaxed. What you can expect from any operation.

    As a suggestion, it may be appropriate to play some form of relaxing classical music while you are waiting for the operation after doing the corneal flap. At that time you have to wait in the room for approximately 20 minutes with your eyes closed. I is better to focus your mind on the relaxing music that what you have to have done next.

    - How long has it taken you to recover?

    The recovery is very fast. During the 6 hours after the operation the feeling is that of hating light and it as if someone had rubbed an onion over your eyes. It is difficult to avoid the temptation of touching your eye. That is why I recommend having a long nap. Once this period has passed you can watch television and other things without forcing it. The following day you are fine. That is why you have to be careful, because although vision is almost perfect, we have to look after our eye.

    Now that two weeks have already passed and I am perfect, I am waiting for this week to finish so I don't have to put in the drops I was prescribed.

    - And to lead a normal life?

    I was operated on Thursday and the following Tuesday I was already on a plane to Portugal to visit clients.

    - Can you do things now that you couldn't before?

    Not really. My myopia is not as much as to stop me from doing things. The difference is that my life is now much easier and I can see properly in all conditions.

    - Has your life changed in anyway?

    Yes. No I don't worry about glasses or contact lenses. When I practice sport, go to the cinema or to the beach I don't have to plan anything related to my eyesight.

    - Would you undergo this operation again?

    Absolutely. The results are 100% satisfactory.

    -What would you highlight of the functioning of IOA?

    Very good professionals from the technical and human perspective and an excellent personal treatment.

    - What do you think we can improve?

    Everything is fine. .Now you just have to maintain the standard.

    - Would you recommend a fried or acquaintance to undergo an operation at IOA?

    Yes, whoever asks me.

    From here we would like to thank Alfonso for the confidence placed in our team and his kindness to answer these questions.


  • María Pérez - PRK: Paciente intervenido de miopía y astigmatismo

    María Pérez and her family have been patients at Miranza IOA Madrid for some years. Their eyesight history has been somewhat more complicated than normal and a few months ago she was operated of myopia and astigmatism. On one of her check-ups we asked her if she could answer some questions and she was kind enough to do so, for which we are most grateful.

    - Maria, What operation did you undergo?

    Myopia and Astigmatism

    Why did you decide to undergo surgery?

    I got an injury in my eye and I couldn't wear contact lenses.

    They tried for me to year glasses, then contact lenses and in the end they sent me home to consider it again.

    I decided to undergo the operation and for my eyes to suffer the lest possible.

    And why did you decide to come to IOA?

    For the past eight years they control and keep check of a fairly important problem that I have on the chiasm of the optic nerve.

    I believe that they saved the sight of one of my husband's eyes due to an infection the effects of which they are still treating, and also the problems he already had before.

    It is a matter of trust.

    Was the type of operation you had what you thought it would be? Where particular criteria followed in your case to choose this option?

    I can't decide how they have to operate on me, or what technique they have to use, as I am not an expert in this subject.

    I know I am a patient with a history that has to be taken into careful consideration and I think they chose the best technique.

    What has been the best and the worst part of the operation?

    I don't have any bad feelings about the operation.

    It is very fast and totally painless.

    There is no discomfort at any time.

    How long did it take you to recover?

    It took me four weeks to see perfectly, but they already told me it would take that time and that was how it was.

    They told me how I would gradually see and the times it would take.

    And to lead a normal life?

    It took me between two and three weeks to lead a normal life.

    Can you do things now that you couldn't before?

    Considering that I don't have to wear glasses any more....

    Read at a distance, practice sport, etc.

    Has your life changed in anyway?


    Would you undergo this operation again?

    I would be operated by the person who operated me again, as I know that if there is better technique they would undoubtedly use it.

    What would you highlight of the functioning of IOA?


    And I have been treated like a patient, not like a client.

    What do you think we can improve?

    I don't know, the price I suppose.

    Would you recommend a fried or acquaintance to undergo an operation at IOA?

    I don not usually recommend doctors, although I did explain my experiences.

    And those who listened to me when to the centre prepared to be operated. They said to that person that his/her conditions were not the best so they couldn't do the operation. 

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