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Visual therapy

Visual therapy is the treatment based on exercises of the dysfunctions or alterations that interrupt the correct visual development, among which are:

  • Amblyopias
  • Strabismus
  • Phoria (vergence dysfunctions)
  • Accommodative problems. 

Most difficulties to learn how to read and write are due to a poor development of the visual skills. We often have visual problems and symptoms that are not solved with glasses or contact lenses. On many occasions these problems do not correspond to any eye pathology or low visual acuity problem.

Included among the symptoms of these dysfunctions are double vision, headaches, eye discomfort, concentration problems and dizziness.

By performing an exhaustive visual examination that studies the binocularity and accommodation, problems in the functionality of our visual system may "come to light". 

How is visual training performed?

Visual therapy training exercises are determined and personalised for each person, according to his/her dysfunction. The difficulty of these exercises varies as the therapy develops, adding different demands according to the patient's problems or milestones. After the therapy the patient will be capable of transferring the new visual skills he/she has learnt to the daily life tasks (reading, sports, computer, games, etc.). 


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Visual therapy training exercises are personalised for each case, according to the dysfunction, and vary in difficulty as the therapy develops.

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