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Miranza IOA Madrid

The Miranza IOA Madrid clinic, formerly known as Instituto de Oftalmología Avanzada, has been a benchmark in the national Ophthalmology sector for the past 95 years.

Founded with its current structure in the year 2000, it is directed by Dr. Francisco Poyales Galán, third generation of the Poyales ophthalmology saga, pioneers in the development of new technologies and diagnoses in the practice of ophthalmology. Dr. Francisco Poyales was one of the forerunners in the development of the phacoemulsification technique for cataract surgery in Spain, having practiced more than 20,000 operations, and performing his first surgery with this technique in 1989.

Miranza IOA Madrid is a multidisciplinary ophthalmology clinic provided with state-of-the-art technology both in the consultation and diagnostic areas and in the surgical area.

The centre offers a complete portfolio of services that includes the most outstanding subspecialties in ophthalmology practice, and facilities that are safe and adapted to all needs. En all, 1,000 m2 designed to offer our patients a comprehensive care.

Committed to providing the utmost quality healthcare assistance, the aim of Miranza IOA Madrid is to offer the patients who come to our centre a comprehensive and personalised service suitable for their pathology, with specialised units for the most appropriate medical and/or surgical treatment.


For this reason the team of Miranza IOA Madrid is made up of ophthalmologists, receptionists, qualified opticians and optometrists, diagnosis technicians, computer experts, university graduate nurses and a long etcetera, who dedicate an ongoing effort to looking after and caring for all our patients with the aim of assuring their satisfaction.

As a result of the continuous improvement process to attain the highest quality standards, Miranza IOA Madrid is the first outpatient clinic specialised in Ophthalmology in the Community of Madrid and the second in Spain to attain the Joint Commission International accreditation. This is a voluntary and external auditing process that enables evaluating the compliance level of a set of previously established standards, focused on patient care and organisation management. Since 2004 all our processes are audited by the certifying organisation SGS, with the achievement of ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.


Always at the forefront of technology, we have the latest technology in diagnostic and surgical equipment, and we are one of the few centres in Spain to provide a ReLEx Smile© platform, which has entailed a revolution in the techniques used for refractive surgery with laser as it uses a Visumax© Femtosecond Laser. We also provide a "Smart surgery" for anterior pole surgeries (cataracts, presbyopia and phakic lenses) made up by the Centurion© phacoemulsifier, Lumera 700© microscope, Cataract Suite Marker Lens© alignment system, Femtosecond Laser for cataract surgery and IOL Master 700©, which enables the highest degree possible of safety and precision for these type of surgeries.

We are also committed with research, technical-scientific training and management, with the aim of being leaders in each speciality. We are continuously evolving in this task to guarantee our patients the human and technical quality they deserve.

Dr. Víctor Elipe explains why ofthalmological routine checks and what they consist of:

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ADDRESS Galileo 104, Madrid 28003, Spain

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